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The law of the Lord is perfect. And because the Lord loves us, He makes His law known to us. Our perfect heavenly Father assures us that if we obey His law, we will enjoy His blessings. On the other hand, curses will result if we do not listen to His commandments and if we turn aside from following Him. This week in Deuteronomy, we read how the Lord exhorted His people to love Him and to keep His commandments. His promises were clear, that if they obeyed, then He would bless them with a beautiful and abundant land. We all love to read about the Lord blessing His people. And yet, the warnings we read about are serious. It’s all too easy for the people to be deceived, to turn away and serve other gods, and to therefore suffer the consequences when the Lord removes His hand of blessing. May we all take sober warning from these chapters, to search God’s law, to follow it, and to teach our sons and daughters the blessings of obedience and the curses of disobedience.


You shall therefore love the LORD your God, and always keep His charge, His statutes, His ordinances, and His commandments.
—Deuteronomy 11:1


  • Adoration – Praise God that He is our good, loving Father.
  • Confession – Ask God to forgive your disobedience, including neglecting to teach your sons and daughters the law of the Lord.
  • Thanksgiving – Give thanks to God for His perfect law.
  • Supplication – Ask for God to help you joyfully follow His commandments.

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