Sa 1/1Su 1/2Mo 1/3Tu 1/4We 1/5Th 1/6Fr 1/7Sa 1/8Su 1/9
Gen. 1–2
(Gen. 1)
John 1:1–3
Pss. 8; 104
(Ps. 8
John 1:1–3)
Gen. 3–5
(Gen. 3:1–4:16)
Gen. 6–7
(Gen. 7)
Gen. 8–9
Ps. 12
(Gen. 8:1–9:17)
Gen. 10–11
(Gen. 11:1–9)
Flex dayGen. 12–13
(Gen. 12:1–9)
Gen. 14–16
(Gen. 15–16)

(Abbreviated plan readings in parentheses)


This year starts out with a slam-bang week of Bible reading. We get to read about…

  • Creation (Gen. 1–2; John 1:1–3; Pss. 8; 104)
  • the Fall (Gen. 3)
  • Cain and Abel (Gen. 4)
  • the Flood and God’s covenant with Noah (Gen. 6–9; Ps. 12)
  • the tower of Babel (Gen. 11)
  • God’s calling of Abram, His covenant with him, and His promise to give him a son (Gen. 12–16)

Read each of these events as your own personal family history. You’re descended from Adam and from Noah, after all. Read about Adam and Eve as your own great-great-grandparents. Read about Abel as your great-great-uncle who was murdered by your other great-great-uncle, Cain. (You’re descended from their younger brother Seth, by the way.) Read about the Flood and Babel as God’s judgment on your ancestors. Praise God for His mercy in saving your great-grandfather Noah. Read Abraham’s history as your own family history. You may or may not be physically descended from Abraham, but you are a child of Abraham through faith if you believe in Jesus Christ (see Romans 4).


O LORD, our Lord,

How majestic is Your name in all the earth,

Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens!

—Psalm 8:1


  • Adoration – Praise God for His awesome power in speaking stars into existence. Psalms 8 and 104 should help with this!
  • Confession – Confess specific ways you have been like your violent ancestors who were judged in the Flood, or like your worldly ancestors who were judged at Babel.
  • Thanksgiving – Thank the Lord for preserving your family line through Noah and his descendants. Thank Him for His wondrous creation.
  • Supplication – Bring the desires of your heart before God in the same way Abram did. Don’t be afraid to tell God what you desire, and to wait on His timing in giving you what He thinks is best for you.

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