Our Beliefs

Christ’s kingdom is established on the truth of His word, and we’re committed to defending that truth, especially where it is most under attack today. We and our fellow churches in Evangel Presbytery hold to confessional doctrinal standards which were fought for and passed down to us in the Protestant, Reformed, Evangelical tradition. Furthermore, we are committed to following the example of our fathers in the faith by fighting today’s battles against besetting sins in our own lives, in the church, and in our society. As one example, we are committed to proclaiming the goodness of God’s creation of male and female and the many implications which flow from it, whether it be God’s hatred of sexual perversion or His love of fruitfulness and children.

Our church holds to the Westminster Standards, but we allow freedom of conscience for members and officers on time and mode of baptism.

You can learn more about what we believe and how we teach God’s Word by checking out our Ask the Pastors blog or our Weekly Reading Guide.

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