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Our church members have an open invitation to ask our pastors any question about anything in the Bible.

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Why does our church use the NASB95?

QUESTION Why did our church choose the NASB95 for our text of choice? Why this translation above, let’s say, the KJV? Is it the language? Is KJV considered a bad translation? Or is the KJV more tied to Catholicism? I use an ESV myself since I understand it better....

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Did King David have idols in his house?

QUESTION In our readings this [last] week, we read of Michal putting an “image” in David’s bed to fool his pursuers. The NASB (and almost every modern translation) translates the Hebrew “teraphim” as “household idol” for the image that Michal used to fool Saul’s men....

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Does God have regrets?

QUESTION 1 Samuel chapter 15, verse 11: “I regret that I have made Saul king…” The implication seems to be that God thinks He made a mistake… Obviously, not possible…What am I missing? ANSWER This is one of those places where translation is difficult because there’s...

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What’s a peanut gallery?

QUESTION (Asked furtively by a young congregant during a recent sermon.) What’s a peanut gallery? ANSWER According to Wikipedia, the term “peanut gallery” comes from the cheap seats in the balcony in the days of Vaudeville theater. It was hard to hear up there, so...

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